Saturday, October 22, 2011

Geekin Out: X-Men

Right now I am watching the original X-Men cartoon. I love this series. What is really interesting is how this show brings the disturbing behaviors of mankind when they see someone different. I am watching this cartoon and the people keeps referring those with gifts as "Mutants" and regular people as "Humans". Keep in mind, they are say "Mutant" as though it leaves a bad taste in their mouth.  And I am thinking, "This is crazy! Mutants are people with a mutated gene. They are the children that came from a human's groin. They aren't Demon Spawns!" Don't these people realize that mutated genes can cause illness in people? So, if I see someone with an  illness, are they considered non human because of that mutated gene? No, that is ridiculous. Some of these civilians need to take a chill pill.
And another thing that is mind-boggling is the extent these people will go to capture these mutants. Giant Robots busting all up and through the joint? Really? Maybe if they teamed up with the X-Men to kick some bad-guy butt, but that still is too much if you are smashing my brand new car and whatnot.