Friday, February 11, 2011

Fanart Fridays

Here is my second entry for Fanart Fridays. I really like this project, it's really fun. Anyway this next illustration is from one of my most favorite games in the whole wide world, it is ranked #1 to me. I love it so much that I bought the soundtrack, made save points before major cinema sequences, and it is the only game that I have truley beaten. Give it up for Selphie Tilmitt!

Selphie is one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy VIII. She is smart, funny, and a little crazy. She is awesome

Elena Color

Hey all! Don't think I forgot what today was FanArt Friday! Before I post my next Illustation up, I wanted to post this video I made. It is the coloring process of Elena. It is a bit looooong (nearly 10 min! and the audio is about 1 min shorter than the video) Hope that you all enjoy it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fanart Friday

Alright, this is my first fanart friday submission. I am so excited! And nervous... Anywho, you might be wondering "why is she doing this?" Well, I want to get into the habit of drawing what I want to draw. I did not have as much time to create or work on projects I wanted to work on because of school. But now that I have graduated, I have plenty of time. Plus this will help me build a nice collection.

So, here is my first entry... Drumroll please!

It's ELENA~Street Fighter III (Third Strike and New Generation). Elena is my favorite Street Fighter Character. She is so fun! After Elena it's a tie between Chun-li and Cammy. I hope to have the process or "speed paint" video posted up later. I may work on her somemore (forgot her earrings!), but I am pretty happy with how she came out.
Elena is not my character, she belongs to Capcom. I am not claiming her, just drawing her. And the background is from photoshop elements.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plans and fun and stuff

So it has been a while since I have posted anything...but I have many ideas that I am putting into motion. First of all, I will attempt to post fanart every Friday. It will be called "Fanart Fridays" (how original). I will also post videos on youtube and here (speed painting videos). I have been sooo excited watching everyone elses videos that I just decided it was time that I put one out there. I just felt inspired to do something, even if it is a small something.
Yesterday I watched Acrylicana (Mary) in action. It was so much fun chatting with her and the other people who joined her live stream session. Mary is an awesome illustrator and jewelry/textile designer. She is featured in Digital Artist magazine, she gives readers tips and tutorials. She has some pretty big news she's about to tell us...can't wait.
Also, I am currently working on new items for my shop...I might just open a totally new one and use the old shop as a buying account. Hope to have more on that later.

So yes, expect something some time tomorrow and I hope you have a nice day.