Monday, June 13, 2011

New hobby and possible art style

So I think I may have found a new hobby and art style that I am comfortable with. Last year, all I did with photoshop elements was edit digital photography for the printer and draw. But today I decided to do something new with this program, I decided that I would do "photo makeovers" (or touch ups???). I think that it is so fun to be able to just totally re-invent yourself and show how you feel about/see yourself through the use of art. It's cool to discovering something new about yourself through the use of your talents.

My hubby says I look stalkerish in this picture ;3;
but that's alright cuz rainbows make everything better <3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yay, I won!!!

Well, by now some of you already know that I won Miss. Cuppy's aselfportrait giveaway. I am so excited about this! Winning this giveaway has inspired me to do my own little sweepstakes after the opening of my shop. I think that giving something back to supporters is an awesome way to show that you appreciate them, even if it is a small gift.
So here are some pictures: (just got home so I look a mess ;^^)