Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sailor Moon Mangas!

This is just a real quick post. Sailor Moon is being REPUBLISHED! No more awful translation and along with it is Codename: Sailor V! I have all of the Sailor V mangas, but they're in Japanese... Anyway, here is the link for more info

Freaking excited, I can now get the ones that I don't have in english <3

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cupcake Hat

Well I am finally done with the cupcake hat that I was crocheting! This was a major project for me, I just started crocheting near the beginning of the year. I am quite pleased with how this baby came out. I got the pattern from Twinkie Chan's book. So here are some pictures :)


  Colored bangs for just the occasion :D


          Cherish looks super cute with it on <3

All I need to do now is add some beads for the sprinkles and I will be set

Crackle Nail Polish

Hey there! I am so excited about this new nail polish I bought. I don't paint my nails often, but it is fun when I do! I'm pretty sure many of you know about OPI's Shatter and China Glaze's Crackle nail polish. These polishes are selling like hotcakes and the stores can't keep them in stock because so many people want this polish! Forget about purchasing them from ebay (the prices are ridiculous!). I really wanted some of this magical nail polish, so I searched all over to find one that would be of good quality and not dent my wallet.

That's when I discovered "Mia's Secret Crackle Nail Polish". I looked to youtube and amazon to see how well this polish worked and there were a lot of great reviews and a small amount of bad ones (I think it was because not many people knew how much polish to apply).

I knew that I wanted a cute look, nothing to serious, and because this was my first time using this nail polish, I decided to go with a white polish with a small amount of glitter. I used Claire's Icing Brand Nail Polish for the white and glitter and I used Fingerpaints base.

I am very happy with the end results <3

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lolita Love (Tea Please) Speed Paint

New Art, Lolita and Mermaids

I have been trying some new coloring techniques and I am very excited to share them with you <3 I know that I have not been on keeping up with Fanart Fridays, my last few weeks were very...hectic. So I am very excited to post some cute stuff up here!
Later on I will be posting some youtube vids of my coloring. Mmmmkay so I'll just get started!

First up is:

Lolita Love (Tea Please)
I just rekindled my love for Lolita fashion not so long ago. When I was younger, middle school aged, I wanted to dress in Lolita. The bows, pearls, curly hair, and petticoats drew me in. I was not able to dress up because I didn't have the money and I don't think my parents would let me walk out the house if I wore something like this. Now that I will be going to MTAC, I will finally wear Lolita. Now about the illustration.

This is a technique that I used once before. Before that, I have never painted/colored over my sketches before (usually I have finished lineart). I love that there aren't any lines and just color. I want to spend more time using this technique.

Alright, time for the next illustration. I was going in another direction with this one, but when I started coloring the drawing, I was just taken over by a different concept. I am pleased to present to you all:

I was super excited when I saw the final results. This was the first drawing I did that did not have lineart :) Originally I wanted the character to be laying on a bed of candy (I was listening to Luxurious from Gwen's Love Angel Music Baby) Before I knew it, she was under the sea with pearls in her hair. I really wish I had recorded this drawing session ;~; I think that I should make a story behind this illustration, you know, change it into a narrative.

Coloring for both of these images were done in Photoshop Elements 7.0

Well, that's all I have for right now. Thinking about changing my blog layout again...maybe later this week.