Friday, February 4, 2011

Fanart Friday

Alright, this is my first fanart friday submission. I am so excited! And nervous... Anywho, you might be wondering "why is she doing this?" Well, I want to get into the habit of drawing what I want to draw. I did not have as much time to create or work on projects I wanted to work on because of school. But now that I have graduated, I have plenty of time. Plus this will help me build a nice collection.

So, here is my first entry... Drumroll please!

It's ELENA~Street Fighter III (Third Strike and New Generation). Elena is my favorite Street Fighter Character. She is so fun! After Elena it's a tie between Chun-li and Cammy. I hope to have the process or "speed paint" video posted up later. I may work on her somemore (forgot her earrings!), but I am pretty happy with how she came out.
Elena is not my character, she belongs to Capcom. I am not claiming her, just drawing her. And the background is from photoshop elements.


  1. Nice! Did you do the background as well?

  2. Oh no, I got that from the photoshop elements background options. I better add that! Thanks

  3. She looks really cute, especially with her relaxed gaze. :)

  4. oh, I absolutely love the first pic! Beautiful!

    Have a great time,

  5. Awww, thanks so much everyone :)