Saturday, October 30, 2010

Silver Legacy by Simple Sweetness

  Alright! This is the first actual blog that I am posting and I am so excited! I have a treat for y’all! First off, let me tell you, I love art. I love the different styles and techniques that many people use in their work. If you take a look at the blogs that I am following, they are mostly art blogs. I really enjoy video game art, cartoon and animated art, classic art, Rococo Art, Art Nuevo, and comic art (including manga, Marvel, and DC).
  I also really like doujinshi (fan-made comics)! Doujinshi gives artist the opportunity to take their favorite show or book or whatever to the next level. It is sometimes sad to see a good series come to an end, but as long as one still has their imagination and creativity, the series does not have to stop there!  
  That is why it gives me such great pleasure to introduce this fantastic artist, Simple Sweetness (also known as Etta). This woman is an extraordinary artist. She has so much talent! For the past year or so, Simple Sweetness has been hard at work on her doujinshi based off the hit manga and anime series, Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation.
  Simple Sweetness is a huge Sailor Moon fan. The title of her doujinshi is Silver Legacy. Unlike any of the Sailor Moon doujinshi that I have read, Simple Sweetness takes the reader back to the mysterious Silver Millennium. The story introduces new ideas on how Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity met. Simple Sweetness also breathes life into Prince Endymion and the Shinntenou (the four generals as some may call them). I am extremely impressed with the character development. In my opinion, the characters seem more lively and involved in the plot than they did in the original series. The personalities that Simple Sweetness assigned to these men were well thought out. I mean, if the generals were not seen as mostly evil in the original series, I would think that they acted the way Simple Sweetness portrayed them. And although I have watched all the episodes of Sailor Moon and read many of the mangas, I feel as though I do not have a strong sense as to who Mamoru/Endymion is. Before, I just saw him as “the pretty boy who always needs rescuing” but now, because of Simple Sweetness awesome character development (and, in my opinion, improvements), I can see him as the man that Princess Serenity feel in love with. Simple Sweetness gives more depth to the characters.
  Not only do I love the characteristics that the artist uses in her doujinshi, but I also love the style. I would describe her style as delicate, elegant, classy, and just *sigh* breath taking. Her doujinshi is not done in a style that one would expect. Simple Sweetness states that she felt that it was time to change the characters looks, and I could not agree more. By changing up the style, one is able to see the possibilities of transforming something that is already great into something much greater. Simple Sweetness was able to show Serenity’s beauty and Endymion’s “hotness” with her unique style.
  I also like the way Simple Sweetness designed the clothing. Although it is not the exact same clothing that was in the anime or manga, it does seem like the type of clothing that the characters would have worn. The clothing matches the characters’ personality.
  All in all Simple Sweetness has given the reader an awesome story. I feel that even if someone has never heard of Sailor Moon, the story will be easy to follow because it stands on its own. The plot, artwork, and character design are all strong.
Right now, Simple Sweetness has completed Four Chapters of Silver Legacy. She is now working on the Fifth Chapter. If you want to know more about this awesome artist, click on the links below. Be sure to read the Character Section :)

Thanks Simple Sweetness for sharing your gift with us!
I hope to have more for you all in the future
Thanks for reading :)   

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