Sunday, September 15, 2013

♥ Avocado ♥

After a long time away, I decided that it is time to come back with a little something for ya! This is my first tutorial and I hope you guys will enjoy it :)

Dark green and brown thread
Dark green felt
Lime green felt
Brown felt
Stuffing (you can buy a cheap dog toy and rip it out)
Pin backing

1.       You want to take the dark green and lime green felt and cut them into pear shapes. Cut the brown felt into a ½ inch or ¾ inch circle. Here, you can find my hand drawn template. You should have 2 dark green pear shapes, 1 lime green pear shape (smaller than the dark green felt), and 1 brown circle.

2.       Line the felt pieces up to the way you want them. The first pieces you’re going to sew together are the pit (brown felt) and the pulp (lime green felt) of the avocado.

3.       Using your brown thread, sew the circle onto the lime green pear shaped felt. When you are half way through with sewing on the pit, stop.

4.       (Optional) Take some toy stuffing and put it in the pit. This will create somewhat of a 3D pit effect that real avocados have. Continue sewing the pit onto the pulp. Cut thread and tie the knot on the unseen side to hide thread ends when finished.

5.       Take your pulp with the sewn on pit and using the dark green thread, sew it onto one of the skin (dark green felt) pieces. Cut thread and tie the knot on the unseen side to hide thread ends when finished.

6.       Lay that piece aside and take the other skin piece and sew on the pin backing. I forgot to do this and once my avocado was finished, I had to go back and backstitch the brooch onto it. That was a real pain. So to save you the trouble, please be sure to do this part.

7.       We’re almost done! Using the dark green thread, take the skin with the pulp and pit and sew it onto the skin with the brooch. Once you are half way through, stop.

8.       Stuff the avocado and continue sewing.

9.       Once you are finished sewing the skin together, hide your thread by backstitching into the seam of the avocado. Do this in the same spot 4-6 times and cut the tread. You can make a small knot if you’d like.

And there you have it: an avocado brooch! 

Wear it on a cardigan or put it on a jean bag or pin it onto a hair bow. If you want your brooch to stand out a little more, change the shape of the pit. I made heart shapes. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks

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