Saturday, April 28, 2012

MTAC continued

 Alright Guys. So I am gonna try and wrap this up today.

Day 1 (Part 2)

So later on that day, after walking around in the dealer's room and whatnot, we decided to go sit in on the Jason David Frank's (Tommy the White Ranger/Green Ranger/Red Ranger) panel. He is a pretty swell guy. He's also funny.

At the end of the panel, we were allowed to get his autograph...I kinda chickened out so my husband got it for me. But one great thing happened, while I was spying, watching my husband get the autograph, I spot Seifer from FFVIII (my favorite Final Fantasy game). I kinda stared at him *~*. When he saw me, he smiled and I smiled back. Finally, my husband meets up with me and I tap Seifer on the shoulder so that we could take a picture.

After that, we went to pick up the zombie illustration that my hubby and I commissioned.


Day 2

After awaking, I immediately get dressed in my, I don't know, I guess "Whatever I Felt Like Wearing" outfit. We walked around the con for a bit and then decided to do the small cross-over con (Tattoo and Horror Convention). While walking around, we spy the Walking Dead table. Norman Reedus (the actor who play Daryl Dixon) was gonna be there! So we quickly jump in line and wait...then we realized we didn't have anything for him to sign! So I run all the way to the dealers room and by the Walking Dead poster I saw the day before. On my what there, I see another FFVIII character, Squall! Oh my gosh! 

 After taking his picture, I run back to the T&H Convention and show my husband the poster. He was very pleased ^^

That was awesome. Then we went back to our convention to watch wrestling.While we were waiting on the match, I watched some guys do some Capoeira. Let me tell ya, it is even sexier in person.

Late that night, we stay in line for the Rave for about an hour...we only danced for a little while. It was my first Rave, it was fun, but I think I'll skip next time.

Last Day 
We didn't do much that day. I did, however, found a beautiful framed original piece of art for $35 at the Art Gallery! Next year, I'm gonna be sure to hit that up!


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