Friday, March 8, 2013

Yay! I published my first ebook!

I made the cover. So excited! *dance dance*

After hemming and hawing over this for a long while, I finally decided to jump of the ledge and take a dive. I finally decided to publish this novelette/novella length story with Smashwords*. My friends Brittany and Ashley are the ones who really inspired me to do so.
As you can see, name of the book is called Nala's Trials. It is a Christian/Fantasy/Supernatural/Dark (kind of?) Fiction (really, it's kind of a blend of diffrent things). I would rate this...maybe older teen (16+)...cause of certain situations.

Here's the synopsis:
Nala Sparrow is a sweet, vibrant young woman. On the outside she is a ray of sunshine, but her personal life is a whole other story. For the past 8 years, Nala has been struggling with a secret battle.

When her Guardian, turned Fallen, betrays her trust, Nala is left in a daze; her world becoming slowly engulfed by dread and doubt. However, when a man by the name of Noah appears to her, he proves to be a great comforter and encourager; nurturing the broken woman and helping her build her faith in order to overcome the Spiritual Warfare.

With the increased violent attacks from the one she once called friend, Nala must decide whose report she will believe. Will she allow fear and lies to consume her or will she keep her faith in the Truth and become more than a conqueror?

It's kind of nerve raking...cause you're putting your work out there and you want people to enjoy it as much as you enjoy it, but the truth is not everyone will enjoy it! And that is the hump that all of us gotta get over in order to improve and grow. So if you are afraid that someone will not like your work, don't let that discourage you from doing what you love! If you do it for yourself, that is all that matters. I am quite happy that I can scratch "Publish a Book" off of my bucket list.
But yes, I am planning on posting a limited time free coupon up and when I do, if you read  this story, don't hesitate to leave a review in the comment or something. Helpful critiques are welcomed.
Thanks for reading and I will be sure to post some random shorts up (stories, that is) :)

* Plans to move story to another format are being made*