Sunday, March 3, 2013

Whaa! I'm back with some News! ( Longer post)

Hey Guys!
It has been MONTHS since I've been on... This is mainly due to work. I am really digging my new job. I am almost at my 6 months so I am super excited. It is fast pace, but it is also very fun.
So here are some updates for ya!

I am happy to say that I had 2 sales this year...or maybe it was just one. I think the other was near the end of last year. Anyway, some one purchased my Zell Zine! I hope they like it. I was also featured in Hena Tayeb's Blog! She featured my Freak Show Pin set! I was so surprised and I am very grateful for that :) Thanks So Much <3

Well, lately, I've been on a writing spree! I've been making stories left and right about...just...stuff. Stuff that I would be interested in reading and hopefully others would, too. So far I wrote one light hearted short fantasy/love story (thinking about adding more onto it), I finished a dark/supernatural/inspiration fiction (thinking about putting it on the kindle), and I am writing a drama/romance that I started a year ago.
Sometimes I wonder how do I even come up with some of the stuff I write. Well, the truth is, I am a (sometimes dull but often times imaginative) person with a little time on her hands. In my spare time, I allow my mind to drift for hours, making up different scenarios and playing them out in my head. I also like to sleep and when I sleep, I get some pretty...interesting dreams. Another factor that inspires me to write are my beliefs. I feel that my belief in Jesus makes me the woman I am today and I want to share that part of me with readers. Other inspirations: Final Fantasy, family, other religions, different cultures,and my life (the nerdy, the funny, and the weird). The key is writing what you know <3
I am thinking about putting a story up on Valent Chamber or Wattpad...when or if I do that, I'll be sure to add a link.

Well, that's all folks! Until next time :)


  1. That's a great pin set! I never saw it in my updates on Etsy, so I'm glad you posted about it. Congrats on the feature. :D

    Have you finished a novel? I always wonder if people do. Do you think you'll do a post in the future on your writing process? That would be interesting. I can never seem to finish my longer stories, so I'm very interested in how others work.

    1. Thanks so much!

      I have yet to complete a novel...The longest one that I finished is about 17,000 words. And the one I am currently writing is over 30,000 (taking a small break from it). I will tell ya, my mind was blown by that.

      But yes, I am thinking about posting some progress on here. I would love to see some of your work as well <3