Saturday, January 4, 2014

♦ Just Do It ♦

Not too long ago --I believe it was just Tuesday-- I was talking about my goals for the New Years. Basically, I am not supposed to be dragging my feet, I should be making things happen! Well, today, I reached into my coat pocket, and what did I pull out? My Fortune Cookie fortune from last week! Usually I don't keep these thing because most of the time they seem... non-fortune-ish? But this fortune and one that I have from YEARS back came to me during a time I needed it. So what does this sliver of paper have anything to do with that last post? Let me show you☺

Great advice from a 10 cent cookie! When do I start?
Today? Sounds good.
 So yeah. Whenever you feel like you got an idea and you need a kick on the butt, just take a look at this. ☺


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